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Progressive damage simulation for a 3D-printed curvilinear continuous carbon fiber-reinforced thermoplastic based on continuum damage mechanics

· Naruki Ichihara, Masahito Ueda

Continuum damage mechanics (CDM) based on finite element analysis was performed to predict the mechanical behavior of a 3D-printed curvilinear continuous carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic (c-CFRTP). Elastoplastic properties of the 3D-printed c-CFRTP including damage initiation, evolution, and propagation were identified using monotonic and cyclic tensile tests for three specimens, i.e. [(±45)2]S, [(0/90)2]S, and [(±67.5)2]S. Then, S-shaped curvilinear c-CFRTP was 3D-printed and tested in monotonic tensile loading. The non-linear mechanical behavior of an S-shaped curvilinear c-CFRTP due to tensile loading was well predicted by means of finite element analysis using the constructed CDM-based material model.

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